Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Arlene Radasky's 'THE FOX'

'The Fox' is a very beautiful and romantic story. It is a story about love and sacrifice.

There are two intertwined settings in the story. The first setting is Jahna and Lovern, a couple, in the ancient age. Their lives and society were threatened to be invaded. As they were preparing themselves for the unexpected, Jahna used her druid ability to tell her story. She sent her visions to someone she had never met before, someone who was always eager for her story.

The second setting is Aine, an archaeologist, who was fighting to keep her digging site. She could not tell anyone that her project was based on her 'dreams' of the ancient people. She led a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic people, but there was always a 'ghost' that showed her the exact locations of the important artifacts.

Jahna knew that her life was extraordinary, and she did her best in showing the images of the important events of her life. While Aine was racing against the time in following Jahna's clues to find the artifacts, she needed to keep her digging project. The more Aine learned about Jahna, the further she was pulled into mystery of her site. When history was finally revealed, not only Aine found the truth about the site of her dream. She also learned so much about love and life from Jahna's story.

More than a love story between two people, 'The Fox' reminds us that there are situations where we have to be prepared for things that are more important than our love lives. The book also teaches us that failure is not always a bad thing; it often serves as a passage towards a bigger success in the future. However, it can only happen when we have done the best we can as long as we live.

This e-book can be downloaded from free-ebooks.