Thursday, 14 May 2009

Nokia 6120 Classic

I'm sorry for leaving this blog empty for so long.. I promise I'll do better from now on.. :-)

I will do my first post on my favourite item for this time, which is my NOKIA 6120 Classic.

I decided to buy this phone because it had all the features I was looking for in a phone. I have had this particular mobile phone for over a year now and it has been my best friend in doing everything I love to do.

The first and best appeal to me was that Nokia 6120 Classic was that it was a HSDPA phone, which for me, it would mean that I could browse the internet at very fast speed and avoid timed-out connections.

The second appeal, which was as important as the speed issue, was the Quick Office that was pre-installed in the phone. I'd love to be able to read a book and write a poem, a story or just a random journal about something that I come close with, without having to bring a book or a notepad along with me whenever I leave the house. The pre-installed application was only the viewer, but after I went through the trial period for the full-version Quick Office, I received the offer to buy the full package for a promotion price, which I gladly accepted! Now, I can create a MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint, and view PDF files up to 2MB, all on my phones.

I have to admit that there is nothing perfect in this world. Nokia 6120 Classic's battery only lasts 3 hours of talking, and the phone becomes hot after a while, so that I use the headset or put it on microphone mode everytime I need to talk for quite a long time, and, having a car charger really helps with the battery situation.

The headset is pretty much standard for Nokia phone, but the microphone for distant conversation, is a completely different story. I can comfortable speaking with the phone laying next to my computer or my lap, without the person on the other side noticing that I was speaking to the microphone and listening from the speaker.

I am not really big on taking pictures with mobile phones as I realise that phone's camera, even the ones intended as camera phones are never as good as the real cameras. However, I am really impressed with the quality of the photos taken with my Nokia 6120 Classic. The phone might not be the best when used in really dark places, but the quality of the flash doesn't disappoint at all. Moreover, for outdoor or normal indoor lighting, the phone is worth having when you are not budgeting for a camera for another year or two.

The phone is also equipped with a second camera on the top left side, right above the screen. I use the camera quite a lot when making a video call with my kids and parents. The picture captured by this VGA camera is good.

Other things that might worth mentioning about Nokia 6120 Classic are that it is equipped with the latest version of Java which enables various applications and games to be installed easily, and it comes with an external memory slot for a micro SD card, up to 2GB. The only problem you have with this might be the fact that you would increase your spending on applications and games, as the downloadable catalogues are always up to date.

Last but not least, the speakers on Nokia 6120 Classic is not to be undermined. It might not be as powerful as a speaker of a music phone, but the music coming out of it is clear, and can be enjoyed while reading, studying, cooking, driving, or even exercising at home!

As this phone falls into the category of a smart phone, I can easily switch from one application to another without having to close the first one, which is almost like using a computer with multiple windows open.

To summarise, I am happy with my Nokia 6120 Classic. It is the best phone I've had so far.

Below are the links to the photos I took with this phone.

In a bright outdoor environment

In a dark outdoor environment

Normal indoor lighting